What is thermal underwear and why a snowboarder need it?

Thermal underwear is a very important part of a snowboarder’s outfit. This is the first of three layers of clothing that helps to get only pleasure from the process, but not disappointment and cold. How to choose the right thermal underwear and what is it for?

Strictly speaking, this term is incorrect. It would be more right to call this layer functional underwear since its main function is not to warm but to wipe moisture from the skin and distribute it on the outer surface of this layer of clothing.

The choice of thermal underwear is an important issue that requires a responsible approach.

Thermal underwear is worn directly on the body. It should sit tight, but comfortable.

Modern functional underwear for snowboarding, as a rule, is produced of a fabric with mediumthickness, made of synthetic materials. Less common models, the composition of the material which includes a thin and soft hypoallergenic merino wool, providing more warmth.

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Manufacturing techniques of synthetic fiber, as well as the special structure of the fabric, allow thermal underwear to work effectively with increased physical exertion: when a snowboarder sweats, underwear collects moisture from the body surface and brings it to the surface of the fabric, unlike, say, cotton, which becomes saturated with moisture wet.

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